Eigentümer­gemeinschaften. Schutz für sämtliche Arten von gemeinschaftlichen Immobilien in Spanien, Mallorca, Ibiza, Kanaren, Balearen.
Eigentümer­gemeinschaften. Schutz für sämtliche Arten von gemeinschaftlichen Immobilien in Spanien, Mallorca, Ibiza, Kanaren, Balearen.

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What cover is available under an insurance policy for owners' associations?

  • Basic guarantees
    • Fire, explosion and lightning
    • Impact damage (objects, vehicles)
    • Blockages and breaks in municipal water systems
    • Floods
    • Malicious acts or vandalism
    • Breakage of glass
    • Electrical damage
    • Natural risks (wind, rain, hail and snow)
    • Aesthetic restoration and reconstruction of gardens
    • Costs for fire brigade, debris removal, sweeping and mud removal
    • Theft and damage due to attempted theft (fixed parts of the building, decorative elements, fixtures, goods located in corridors and staircases)
    • Civil liability (derived from ownership of the property and garages, car parks, swimming pools, green areas and common services)
    • Damage to underground gas and electricity lines
    • Personal accidents of security service personnel (porters, cleaners, etc.)
    • Legal defence, deposits and court costs
    • Emergency services
  • Optional guarantees
    • Water damage in the private sector
    • Locating and unblocking costs (with and without damage)
    • Pest control and prevention
    • Glass breakage in the private sector
    • Aesthetic damage
    • Water damage repair without damage
    • Civil liability for real estate in the private sphere
    • Repair, remodelling or decoration work
    • Non-payment of community contributions
    • Accidents at work
    • Legal assistance for co-owners and board of directors
    • Defence in legal cases
    • Machine breakdown (heating system)
    • Parking vehicles

Is it compulsory in Spain to take out an owners’ association insurance policy?
Nationally, there is no rule or obligation for a condominium owners’ association to take out a policy.
However, there are regional regulations that may require the purchase of this insurance. For example, condominium owners’ associations in the municipalities of Madrid and Valencia are required to take out community insurance that covers the risk of fire and damage to third parties.
Bohemia Mallorca successfully cooperates with all renowned insurance companies in Spain.

What does community insurance cover?
Just as motorbike insurance and truck insurance are not the same thing, the first thing we need to understand about insurance of this type is the difference between a private building with one owner and a condominium owners’ association for a building where several neighbours live.
For this reason, it is very important to know what coverage this type of insurance includes.
Within this type of coverage, insurers usually include the following coverages. There may be differences from one insurer to another.

  • Civil liability
    Coverage in case of receiving compensation claims for damages caused to third parties. For example, if an element of the façade falls down or comes loose and injures someone, this cover will be responsible for compensation. Also in the event of a break in a communal pipe and damage to property by the building’s occupants.
  • Legal advice
    Usually from the insurer’s solicitors or reimbursement of costs in protocols from community solicitors.
  • Fire
    This cover insures the neighbouring community against damage caused by fire, explosions, direct exposure to lightning or abnormal electrical currents.
  • Vandalism and theft
    Coverage for vandalism or rioting that results in property damage to the building.
  • Water damage
    Guarantee for floods, leaks and other damage that may occur within the community.
  • Breakage of windows and crystals of community elements.
    Cover for accidental breakage of community windows and crystals.
  • Intervention of fire and rescue services
    Reimbursement of costs caused by the intervention of fire and rescue services for the application of measures to limit or eliminate the consequences of the incident. Demolition and debris removal

The average insurance price for a condominium owners’ association is not easy to calculate. It can range from 600 to 2,500 euros, depending on the building, number of neighbours, guarantees, etc.
The possibility of contracting a franchise is another factor to consider when determining the price of this insurance. The aim of the insurance franchise is to reduce the annual premium of the policy for the condominium owners’ association. In return, the condominium owners’ association covers an agreed amount of damages itself and the rest is covered by the insurance company.

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Bohemia Mallorca successfully cooperates with all renowned insurance companies in Spain. Benefit from the products of DKV, Zurich, Axa, Reale, Mapfre, Racc, Fiatc, Asisa, Arag, Berkley, Allianz, Hiscox, Generali, Ergo, Agrupació and Helvetia.

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