Sterbeversicherung in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca und ganz Spanien. Schutz für die Hinterbliebenen vor den finanziellen Belastungen.
Sterbeversicherung in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca und ganz Spanien. Schutz für die Hinterbliebenen vor den finanziellen Belastungen.

Transfer to your country of origin

Telephone support and legal assistance

Deletion of the digital footprint

Online will

Funeral insurance

A funeral costs insurance ensures that the financial resources are available for the funeral in the event of your own death and protects the surviving dependents from the financial burdens.
Death insurance stands by your family and provides the best funeral services, psychological support and repatriation.

Tailored to your needs

What coverages are possible with a death insurance policy?

  • Provision of funeral services
    • You have at your disposal funeral services that are among the best in this market and can be adapted to your wishes and customs.
  • Transfer to any cemetery in Spain
    • The equipment and the transfer of the coffin to any place in Spain will be taken care of.
  • Transfer to your country of origin
    • If most of your family is in your country of origin, the insurance company will take care of the repatriation of the body. The return journey of an accompanying person will be covered at no extra cost.
  • Regulatory capital
    • Serves to cover possible additional costs between the contractually agreed benefits and the benefits finally provided.
    • Choose between these options: 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% of the capital insured for the provision of the service.
  • Telephone support and legal assistance
    • It all starts with a simple phone call sometime, any time of day. An experienced member of staff will call on your family and accompany you throughout the time needed to complete the formalities. Furthermore, telephone consultations on all kinds of topics are still available.
  • Psychological support
    • In a situation like this, the loss of a loved one must first be processed. Your family will therefore receive psychological support during and after the grieving process.
  • Worldwide travel cover
    • With your funeral insurance, you are also covered for up to 18,000 euros for medical care required in an emergency when travelling abroad.
  • Deletion of the digital footprint
    • The insurance takes care of the final management of your digital life with the deletion of content on social networks, files in the cloud and emails.
  • Online will
    • With the Online Will tool, you can write your own will anytime, anywhere. If you have any doubts, an experienced lawyer will advise you. You can make one change a year free of charge!
  • Funeral planning service
    • Your insurance company will advise you on the funeral service and send-off that best represents you: coffin, speeches, flowers, type of ceremony, burial or cremation, people to be notified, organ donation, will, etc.
    • All in a safe and private manner. Accessible to you at any time so you can make changes as often as you like. This allows you to make it easier for your loved ones to make the decisions at hand during moments of deep emotion.
  • Cover for exceptional costs
    • Financial assistance to cover unforeseen expenses incurred in connection with the funeral.
  • Accident cover
    • In the event of an accident resulting in death or permanent disability, you will receive a payment of between €1,000 and €60,000.
  • Additional worldwide assistance
    • Transfer of the deceased from any place abroad to a cemetery located in Spain, regardless of the time spent abroad.
  • Hospitalisation
    • Up to 60 euros per day in the event of hospitalisation, for any reason.
  • Serious dental
    • accident If more than three teeth are affected, you will be reimbursed for the cost of treatment (up to a maximum of 6,000 euros).
  • Telephone lines for medical advice
    • 24-hour doctor, 24-hour paediatrician telephone line, telephone lines on pregnancy and on topics specific to women, on sports and tropical medicine and on nutritional topics.
  • Adult care (Asistencia Senior)
    • Home assistance for people in convalescence who are not allowed to move (more than 7 days). Discounts on DNA extractions for preventive and therapeutic purposes.
  • Care for children and adolescents (Asistencia Junior)
    • Home or hospital-based educational support for children and adolescents aged 6 to 16 who are not allowed to move due to an illness or accident.
  • Family legal protection
    • Legal protection to protect against claims for damages and legal claims in the private and family sphere. Up to a maximum of 2,000 euros in expenses. Also included is legal advice on living wills.
  • Comprehensive assistance for pets
    • Free telephone information and advice on dogs and cats, with access to special services and at special rates. Including the handling of formalities and matters related to the death of your pet (up to 250 euros).

funeral insurance
offers much more than just
coverage of
funeral costs.

Funeral insurance offers much more than just coverage of funeral costs. It offers psychological support and legal assistance, repatriation to the place or country of your origin without increasing your insurance premium, funeral planning service, online will, digital footprint cancellation and health care abroad.

The role of funeral insurance is to provide a guarantee that is paid over a period of time to avoid the direct and/or indirect economic consequences for the relatives of the deceased. According to some studies, these consequences amount to €4,000 to €7,000, which is not insignificant.

Death insurance in Spain covers the funeral, burial or cremation resulting from the death of one of the insured persons, as the death may occur unexpectedly or due to circumstances far from the community of residence. Burial also includes national and international transfers. In some cases, there are administrative or logistical formalities that place an additional burden on the family of the deceased.

These are undoubtedly delicate moments for family and friends. Clearly, funeral expenses insurance can avoid additional difficulties. This at a time that, although unavoidable, is no less painful for the family and friends of the deceased.

Funeral insurance was created to cover the costs incurred in the event of a death.
This type of insurance has a sum insured to cover the funeral service, wreaths, hearse, coffin, burial or cremation, among other things.

In addition, funeral insurance has evolved and adapted to the demands of society. Thus, it has expanded its coverage and benefits to make it more attractive to take out.
Nowadays, all procedures and formalities related to a death are covered. In addition, there are insurers who offer an online will or access to specialists at reasonable prices for this purpose.

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