Jetzt eine Betriebsunfallversicherung abschliessen. Individueller und flexibler Schutz für Ihre Mitarbeiter bei Unfällen. In Spanien, Ibiza, Barcelona und Kanaren.
Jetzt eine Betriebsunfallversicherung abschliessen. Individueller und flexibler Schutz für Ihre Mitarbeiter bei Unfällen. In Spanien, Mallorca, Madrid und Valencia.

Protection for your employees against accidents

All-round protection from a single source

Tailor-made premium – calculated according to risk, industry, capital…

Without this insurance, the employer bears the responsibility

Company accident insurance

Tailored to your needs

Bohemia Mallorca Spezialisten für Versicherungen in Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona und Mallorca.

What cover is possible with occupational accident insurance?

  • Who is this company accident insurance intended for?
    • Commercial companies
    • Individual entrepreneurs
    • Freelancers
    • Associations and organisations
    • Collective agreements (Convenio colectivos)
  • Main coverage
    • Death due to an accident
  • Optional additional insurances
    • Disability / total and permanent disability due to an accident / occupational accident
    • Severe disability due to an accident/occupational accident
    • Disability/partial disability and permanent disability due to an accident/occupational accident
    • Additional capital for death due to a traffic accident
    • Additional capital for disability / total and permanent incapacity due to a traffic accident
    • Additional capital for severe disability due to a traffic accident
    • Health costs due to an accident
  • Taxation for the company
    • Premiums attributed to the employee as employment income in kind are deductible expenses for corporate income tax purposes.
  • Taxation for the employee
    • Premiums for collective accident insurance constitute employment income in kind in your IRPF.

Is collective accident insurance compulsory in Spain?

The obligation to take out occupational accident insurance depends on the spanish collective agreement (convenios colectivos) to which the company is subject. For example, collective insurance is compulsory in the construction industry.

This insurance is closely linked to the company’s collective agreement, which defines the insurance cover and compensation in the event of an accident. Accident insurance covers accidents, permanent disability or death of the employee.

Compulsory occupational accident insurance protects all employees included in the company’s TC2 (document in which employees registered with the social security system appear), regardless of how many there were at the time the group policy was taken out.

What is the cost of an accident insurance policy?
The cost of tariff accident insurance varies depending on the tariff obligation, industry, insured capital, number of employees and their risk. A worker in an office is not at the same risk as a construction worker. Talk to us.

Bohemia Mallorca always offers unparalleled customer service, even on Sundays by special request. Be it advice on new products, optimisation of existing policies or the settlement of a claim. Bohemia Mallorca is present throughout Spain.

What if the company is not obliged to take out compulsory occupational accident insurance?
If a worker suffers an accident and the company does not have a compulsory agreement policy, the responsibility would fall on the employer.

What are the most common accidents in SMEs?
The most common accidents in small and medium-sized enterprises are overexertion as well as falls or blows – either against stationary or moving objects (collisions). These occurrences account for 76 % of all accidents that lead to lost working hours.

Other” includes, for example, accidents caused by contact with electric current or hazardous substances, entrapment or spillage, bites or non-traumatic illnesses such as heart attacks.

The employer’s liability insurance “RC- Patronal” is often confused with an industrial accident insurance.
Here we have listed the differences for you.

  • In Spain is the employer’s liability insurance a special cover of liability insurance and protects the employer(insured person) against possible claims of his employees after an accident at work.
    The main difference between employers’ liability and industrial injury insurance is who is protected.
  • Employer’s liability insurance coverage comes into effect when injured workers or their dependents make a claim and the employer’s negligence is proven in court. In this case, the employer’s liability insurance covers the payment of compensation.
  • Industrial accident insurance, on the other hand, covers occupational accidents of employees (insured persons) such as accidental death, illness, disability, serious illness, etc.
    In the construction industry, accident insurance is required by law and protects workers as long as occupational accidents occur under the terms of the policy, depending on the activity.

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