Temporäre Berufs­unfähigkeits­versicherung. Entschädigt jeden selbständigen Arbeiter für Einkommensverlust bei vorübergehender Arbeitsunfähigkeit. Jetzt in ganz Spanien.
Bohemia Mallorca - Ihr mehrsprachiger Versicherungsmakler für Mallorca und die Balearen.

Inexpensive, flexible & tailored to your needs

Insurance cover can be extended individually

Protects you from the financial consequences of occupational disability and loss of income

Ideal for employees and the self-employed

Bohemia Mallorca Spezialisten für Versicherungen in Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona und Mallorca.

Temporary disability insurance

Temporary disability or sick leave insurance is designed to compensate any self-employed worker in Spain for the loss of income incurred. So that your quality of life is maintained.
In case of disability, the social security benefit is usually lower than the income you earn from your work.

Even if you are unable to work, you have to pay the independent contribution. Thanks to daily sickness allowance insurance, you receive compensation that supplements the benefit from social security until you are able to return to your job (maximum one year).

You can customise your policy. We offer you the option to adjust the price to the daily amount you wish to receive during your sick leave. Furthermore, you can add various optional coverages and set a deductible.

This insurance concept is also tax deductible. For most activities, you can deduct up to €500 per person, for both self-employed and companies.

Tailored to your needs

What cover is possible with temporary occupational disability insurance?

  • Basic cover
    • Temporary incapacity for work
    • Sickness absence due to an accident at work
    • Sickness absence due to a non-occupational accident
    • Sickness in connection with your professional activity
    • Financial benefits in the event of childbirth
  • Additional insurance cover
    • Capital for hospitalisation
    • Surgical operations
    • Absolute and permanent disability
    • Health care as a result of an accident suffered
Bohemia Mallorca Spezialisten für Versicherungen in Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona und Mallorca.

Designed for the self-employed

For the self-employed, it is clear that every day without work is a financial problem. If you are a freelancer or self-employed, this is the right insurance for you.

Complete coverage

It doesn’t matter whether your sick leave is due to an accident at work, a non-occupational accident, an occupational disease or a common illness. Bohemia Mallorca attaches great importance to high quality, especially in the selection of insurance products. This way, our customers benefit twice.

Tax advantages

If you take out your insurance, you can deduct it as an expense of your economic activity as a self-employed person or freelancer up to a maximum of €500 per person. However, only if your personal income tax system is that of a self-employed person subject to the direct assessment system for income tax.


As no two self-employed people are the same, we cannot offer the same solution for everyone. We advise you to find the solution that suits you best. We can also customise this by freely choosing the amount you would like to receive each day (up to a maximum of €400 per day). You can also add an excess if you wish.

We speak your language

We advise you in your mother tongue.


Your insurance tailored to your needs.


Many years of experience in the Spanish insurance market.

Throughout Spain

We offer service throughout Spain.

Where do we offer our services?
Bohemia Mallorca is present in Mallorca, Ibiza , the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands and throughout Spain.

Which insurance companies do we work with?
Bohemia Mallorca trusts in the products of all well-known insurance companies in Spain. We can offer insurance from DKV, Zurich, Axa, Reale, Mapfre, Racc, Fiatc, Asisa, Arag, Berkley, Allianz, Hiscox, Generali, Ergo, Agrupació and Helvetia.

Our insurance companies

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