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Boat insurance

Boats are used for a variety of activities, ranging from sports to relaxation excursions.
To make this an enjoyable activity, it is important to consider the many benefits and services acquired by taking out boat insurance in Mallorca and Spain.
We can insure all types of boats for you (motorboats, sailboats, jet skis, dinghies, inflatable boats), both for recreational use and for professional use.

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What coverages are available with boat insurance?

  • Compulsory civil liability
    • Compulsory boat insurance policies have a number of basic coverages. These allow the policyholder to cover damage caused to third parties.
    • Property damage to third parties
      Covers damage to third parties caused by the boat. The maximum limit is 96,161.94 euros per claim. This cover guarantees payment of the judicial and extrajudicial costs of defending the insured and settling the claim.
    • Death and bodily injury
      Death and bodily injury caused to third parties are insured. The maximum amount per victim is €120,202.42 and the maximum amount per claim is €240,404.84.
    • Economic losses
      Includes economic losses to third parties as a result of damage to property and personal injury. If economic or personal losses have occurred as a result of damage to property on the vessel, compensation will be paid.
    • Damage to vessels
      Covers collision damage that may occur to vessels as a result of collisions, even if there is no contact.
  • Voluntary civil liability
    • Voluntary civil liability insurance allows you to insure boats that are not subject to compulsory insurance and an increase in the basic chapter of compulsory civil liability.
    • Property damage.
      It covers damage to the hull, engine, accessories or sails as a result of shipwreck, grounding, grounding, collision or collision with fixed or floating objects. Furthermore, storm, fire or explosion as well as theft.
      It also includes the cost of salvage, towing or assistance as a result of a covered accident and damage sustained by the vessel in the event of an accident with the carrier vehicle on the road or rail.
    • Removal of wreckage
      Costs of removing wreckage from the vessel, if required by the competent authorities, without the origin being a covered loss.
    • Towing protection
      Towing costs that are not the result of an insured accident, provided they are due to the inability of the vessel to navigate under its own power. Maximum amount of liability: 6,000 euros.
    • Accidents to passengers
      Personal accidents resulting in the death or permanent disability of the occupants of the boat are insured. It is recommended that you take out insurance for the maximum number of people allowed on the boat so that we can cover the damage that crew members and guests may suffer.
  • Assistance at sea
    • Cover is provided for towing in the event of a marine accident, breakdown or for any other reason that warrants towing to the nearest port.
  • Assistance on land
    • Assistance to persons:
      Repatriation or transport of persons due to illness or bodily injury, health services abroad, repatriation or transport in the event of death, delivery of medicines, transmission of urgent messages 24 hours a day. Repatriation, transport and assistance to persons concerned in the event of breakdown or accident of the boat, medical advice, dispatch of a pilot or skipper.
  • Assistance to the boat
    • Towing of the boat, transfer of the boat to the harbour, transport costs of the insured person to collect his boat, dispatch of spare parts, dispatch of a specialist mechanic, costs of boat storage.
  • Legal advice
    • The establishment of court liabilities for civil liabilities is guaranteed if the subject of the claim is covered by this policy. The insurer takes over the judicial instruction against the claim of the presumed injured party and takes care of the payment of the protocols and follow-up invoices of the lawyers and legal advisors appointed by the insurer.
  • Fully comprehensive boat insurance
    • Within this comprehensive boat insurance, there are two types of policies that differentiate the companies from each other.
      In the case of comprehensive boat insurance, a distinction must be made between Spanish and English clauses.
      These are the two most comprehensive covers for boat insurance, but they differ in their terms and conditions.
      The English clauses allow you to agree the value. The Spanish clauses, on the other hand, do not; here the market value of the boat is taken into account.
      Another difference is that, unlike the Spanish clauses, the English clauses do not include in the policy the driving of the boats at a speed greater than 17 knots if the skipper did not have an official title for this at the time of the occurrence of the damage.

Is boat insurance

Is boat insurance compulsory?
Generally, it is compulsory for all power-driven boats, including jet skis. However, non-powered boats only need to be insured if they are longer than 6m. Foreign boats sailing in Spanish waters must also be insured.

Since 1 July 1999, it has been compulsory to take out third party liability insurance for pleasure boats, including jet skis, in accordance with Decree RD 607/1999 of 16 April 1999.
Navigation without the insurance for recreational boats can be sanctioned. As a rule, marinas require the insurance in order to allow a boat to stay or enter their facilities.

Compulsory boat insurance usually covers property damage to third parties caused by the boat, payment of the judicial and extrajudicial costs of defending the insured and settling claims, death and personal injury to third parties. Usually with an economic limit. Furthermore, economic losses of third parties due to property damage and bodily injury and damage to vessels due to collisions are covered.

To prove that the vessel is insured, proof of payment of the premium for the current period must be carried on board, showing the name of the insurer, the identification of the vessel, the duration of the insurance and that compulsory insurance is included.

If this information does not appear on the receipt, the ship’s policy must be carried. If the authorities require the documents and they are not on the vessel, the policyholder has 5 working days to prove their validity.
Bohemia Mallorca puts a lot of emphasis on high quality, especially in the selection of insurance products: Bicycle insurance, private health insurance, car insurance, home insurance or motorcycle insurance in Mallorca, among others. You can find us in Mallorca, Ibiza, Canary Islands and all over Spain.

English (Institute Yacht Clauses) and Spanish clauses
When taking out insurance for your boat, you should be aware that foreign regulations may apply to your boat. For this reason, some insurers offer the option of adding Spanish or English clauses to your boat policy. In the first case, the risks covered by the insurer are clearly stated in the policy conditions.

The English clauses, however, include everything that is not explicitly excluded. That is, the Spanish terms work by inclusion, while the English terms work by exclusion. In addition, the English are subject to the laws and practices of the British state.

Optional additional insurances
In addition to the compulsory civil liability insurance, the boat owner can take out optional additional insurances, as with any other insurance, such as voluntary civil liability, salvage and assistance at sea, total loss, loss of personal effects, etc.

Voluntary civil liability
This option allows the policyholder to take out a higher sum insured than that required by law. In this case, the law stipulates that the insurance must cover a minimum of 120,000 euros per victim and a maximum of 240,000 euros per claim, while the maximum amount for property damage and financial loss is around 96,000 euros per claim.
It also covers the ship’s civil liability while on land and abandonment of the ship in the water or destruction of the shipwreck.

Salvage and assistance at sea
Taking out this guarantee as part of the boat insurance covers the cost of towing the boat if assistance is needed in the event of a possible sinking or destruction of the vessel. This is a highly recommended guarantee as salvage crews may pass on the cost of salvage to the boat owner following an accident at sea.

Loss and abandonment
Total Loss and Abandonment cover covers the total loss of the insured boat as a result of an event such as a storm at sea, as well as the theft of the entire boat and its dinghy and the cost of replacement, if possible.

Personal effects
With this cover, the policyholder insures all his personal effects against the risks of total loss, damage or theft. It should be noted that in the event of theft, i.e. misappropriation of property without any violence, the company may not cover it. This is because many companies do not cover theft.

Personal accidents
In the event of accidents that may occur on board the vessel, personal accident insurance guarantees compensation free of charge for personal injuries to the policyholder and all persons travelling on the vessel during the voyage or during embarkation and disembarkation.

Legal protection
If the insured person requires legal assistance, he or she may invoke this guarantee. This covers the insured person’s defence, claiming the damage suffered both to himself and to the pleasure craft he owns.

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