Bohemia Mallorca - Ihr mehrsprachiger Versicherungsmakler für Mallorca und die Balearen.
Bohemia Mallorca - Ihr mehrsprachiger Versicherungsmakler für Mallorca und die Balearen.

Flexible protection, depending on your needs. Legal protection for traffic, private, professional and residential matters, depending on your life situation

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Legal expenses insurance: Your protection against high costs.

Legal defence insurance

In unforeseen situations,
it may prove necessary to call on the services of a lawyer.

There is legal defence insurance for every occasion and for every group.
These insurance policies can be taken out by families, individuals, motorists, businesses,
the self-employed and even homeowners and housing associations.

By taking out legal defence insurance, you are protected in situations where you need to claim compensation or seek advice from a lawyer if your rights are infringed.

Tailored to your needs

What cover is available with legal defence insurance?

  • Private legal defence insurance
    • Separations, divorces, marriage contracts, dissolution of community of property and other economic arrangements, marital relations, children, inheritances, etc.
    • Housing (as tenant or landlord): defence in disputes with household employees; contractual and non-contractual disputes.
    • Labour: contracts, non-payment of wages, social security, pensions, incapacity, dismissals, etc.
    • As a consumer: purchases, telephony, internet, utilities (water, electricity, gas), garages, leisure and travel.
    • Criminal defence
    • Personal support, advice and assistance from a specialised lawyer.
    • Legal documents, such as drafting and reviewing contracts.
    • Fees of professionals intervening in litigation.
    • Urgent expenses.
    • Appeals, remedies and transactions.
    • Defence and inheritance claims.
    • Bail bonds.
    • Identity theft.
    • Legal expenses in the areas of criminal defence, employment, road traffic accidents, separation or divorce, tax and housing.
    • Criminal defence: Coverage in case of criminal charges.
    • Civil defence: Coverage in case of imprudence, negligence or inexperience in private life.
    • Employment law: settlement of employment disputes, either against the company or for a claim for social security benefits.
    • Consumer rights: claims for breach of contract.
    • Telephone legal advice: a team of specialised lawyers promptly attends to the clarification of questions and doubts of a legal nature that may arise in the field of private life. For example:
      • Drawing up a tenancy agreement, dealing with a defaulting tenant.
      • Separations, divorces, annulments, maintenance payments, inheritances.
      • Conflicts with online purchases.
      • Problems with the condominium owners’ association or neighbours of the same.
  • Family – legal protection
    • The most comprehensive legal expenses insurance for any type of family: Family legal expenses insurance protects every family with older and younger members. With this insurance, you can count on specialised lawyers for any mishap or legal doubt that arises in your daily life. It includes defence in legal proceedings at no additional cost.
  • Squatters’ insurance
    • Squatters insurance provides all the legal protection you need in the event of a squat in your home, whether it is your usual residence, a second home or business premises.
  • Loss of rent insurance
    • If you are a landlord, we also provide cover for non-payment of rent.
  • Homeowners’ association
    • Protects the property and the people who manage it.
  • Hunting insurance
    • If your gun goes off accidentally and you injure someone, your insurance will pay for any bodily injury claims.
  • Fishing insurance
    • Compulsory liability with additional guarantees for anglers.
  • Insurance against loss of driving licence
    • Monthly compensation for the revocation of your driving licence as well as enrolment fees for the recovery of points.

Modalities of the legal expenses insurance

Homeowners’ association
This insurance protects the property and the people who manage it.
Life in a condominium owners’ association is always complicated. The larger the property, the more likely there will be problems or disagreements between neighbours.
This insurance protects the community of owners, the president and other members of the board of directors, and the administrator or secretary.


  • Legal protection against civil and criminal liability
  • Defence of rights relating to the property
  • Claims for breach of contract
  • Defence of other insurances

Loss of rent insurance
The most comprehensive insurance for non-payment of rent.
If you are the owner of a rented property or building, you can protect yourself from possible disputes due to non-payment of rent with loss of rent insurance.

Do you own premises and want to rent them out?
If you rent out your premises and want to guarantee payment of the monthly instalments, this is the best insurance for you.
Forget about possible problems, because lawyers will be at your side to claim and defend your rights and guarantee the collection of the monthly rent.


  • Non-payment of rent (options up to 18 months)
  • Defence and enforcement of the lease
  • Criminal defence
  • Claims for damage caused to the property and its contents.
  • Vandalism to the building
  • Legal advice by telephone
  • Locksmiths and lock costs


Frequently asked questions and answers about insurance for non-payment of rent
Who pays for the insurance?
We recommend that this legal expenses insurance is always paid by the landlord.

How long is the insurance valid?

This insurance is valid for one year and is automatically renewed if not cancelled in writing.

When do I start receiving the monthly rent payment in advance?

The advance payment of unpaid rent by the insurance company will be made within 3 months of the first unpaid monthly payment once the dispute has been initiated.

Is non-payment of utilities covered?

As long as the tenant has not paid their rent, your insurance will cover the cost of the lower of the outstanding debt or the change or re-registration of the utility contract (water, gas and electricity) up to a maximum of €150.

What happens if the tenant moves out or a change of tenant is imminent?

If the tenant moves out or the tenant changes, it is not necessary to cancel the insurance you have taken out. In this sense, it is sufficient to contact us and make a temporary suspension by signing the cancellation agreement.

What happens if the tenant moves out during the default?

In the event that the defaulting tenant hands in the keys and leaves the flat even though you have already informed us of the non-payment but the eviction action has not yet been filed, we will still pay you an advance of up to 2 months of the non-payment (minus the monthly deductible).

Squatters’ insurance
A house is more than just a home. It is the place where you realise your dreams and, in many cases, a life project. Therefore, nothing should be more important than the security of your home to protect it from unforeseen events and unwanted situations.
Squatters insurance offers you all the legal protection you need in the event of a squat in your flat or house. Whether this is your usual place of residence, a second home or business premises, it does not matter.


  • You are entitled to compensation for any damage your home has suffered during the occupation.
  • A specialist lawyer will advise you on how to proceed in the event of an occupation of your home.
  • Fees, rights and legal costs arising from the handling of the proceedings in question.
  • Costs arising from the mediation process.
  • Lawyers’ fees.
  • Notary fees and expenses for the granting of powers of attorney and for minutes, subpoenas and other acts necessary to defend the interests of the insured person.
  • The fees and expenses of any necessary expert witnesses.

Insurance against loss of driving licence
If you depend on your vehicle for your work, a loss of points that leads to the revocation of your driving licence can cause you financial, professional and personal damage.
Loss of driving licence insurance offers you protection against the loss of points.


  • Monthly compensation for the revocation of your driving licence
  • DGT enrolment fees for the partial or full recovery of points in courses
  • Costs for immobilisation and removal of the vehicle
  • Legal advice, legal protection, legal defence
  • Appeals

Hunting insurance
Hunting insurance can be taken out in Spain in various forms. This can be insurance for compulsory cover. Additional protection can be taken out for your physical integrity, your weapons and or even your hunting dogs.

Insurance cover for hunting

Compulsory civil liability of hunters
If your gun goes off accidentally and you injure someone, your insurance will pay for any bodily injury claims.

Voluntary civil liability for hunting and fishing

The value is €90,151.82 per person under the terms of the Civil Liability Insurance Regulations.

Death and disability

If you die as a result of an accident during your hunting or fishing activities, your beneficiaries will receive the insured capital and an advance of up to €1,502.53 for the costs incurred.

Permanent total or partial disability

If you suffer a hunting accident and become totally disabled, you will receive the full insured capital.
In the case of partial incapacity, the amount of the pension depends on the degree of incapacity.

24 h travel repatriation

If you have an accident abroad, the costs of transport to a hospital in Spain are covered. In addition to medical expenses, the costs of bail bonds, lawyers or costs for serious illnesses are also covered up to a maximum of 3,005.06 euros.

Health costs

If you suffer an accident and need to be rescued, search and rescue costs are covered up to 10% of the insured capital for permanent disability.

Hunting rifles

If your rifle is stolen, up to 100 % of the sum insured is covered.

Death of dogs

If your dog is shot and killed, your insurance will cover up to 100% of the sum insured.

Anglers’ insurance
Anglers’ insurance lets you enjoy your hobby with peace of mind: a flexible solution that allows you to cover compulsory liability and include the additional guarantees you need.


  • Third party liability
  • Personal accidents of the fisherman
  • National or worldwide travel assistance (except USA, Canada and Mexico)
  • Extension of cover to the European Union or worldwide (except USA, Canada and Mexico)

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Bohemia Mallorca is present in Mallorca, Ibiza , the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands and throughout Spain.

Which insurance companies do we work with?
Bohemia Mallorca can offer you products from the best Spanish insurance companies. We work successfully with DKV, Zurich, Axa, Reale, Mapfre, Racc, Fiatc, Asisa, Arag, Berkley, Allianz, Hiscox, Generali, Agrupació, Ergo and Helvetia.

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