Jetzt mit Bohemia Mallorca jedes Bauprojekt in Mallorca, Ibiza, Kanaren und Spanien optimal versichern.
Jetzt mit Bohemia Mallorca jedes Bauprojekt in Mallorca, Ibiza, Kanaren und Spanien optimal versichern.

Covers damage after the contractor has completed his work

Defence against third party claims

Transportation of materials

Protection in case of damage to adjacent buildings

Liability for architects / engineers / surveyors (aparejadores) and construction companies

Many people are involved in a construction project:
Architects, contractors, engineers, quantity surveyors, construction companies, developers ….
They should all be covered by liability insurance to avoid problems later on.
This insurance protects you against unintentional damage caused to third parties.

We distinguish between different types of liability for construction companies and architects

  • Per construction site. Oriented to specific construction projects.
  • On an annual basis. For companies with a large volume of activity. Coverage of all work carried out by the construction company.

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What does the contractor's liability insurance cover?

  • Due to the complexity of the construction activity, this civil liability insurance has a very broad coverage.
  • Among the most important are:
    • Damage caused to third parties by the use of construction machinery. This insurance coverage also includes the assembly and disassembly activities of the mentioned machines
    • The transport of materials, as well as their loading and unloading
    • Assembly and disassembly of roofs and sealing of facades and roofs
    • Demolition and demolition work
    • Cutting and welding
    • Damage to adjacent buildings
    • Accidental pollution
    • Defence against third party claims
    • Protects the builder against personal injuries suffered by his workers during the execution of the works
    • Insures subcontractors for damage to third parties caused by them during their work.
    • Re-doing the work Covers damage after the contractor has completed his work
    • Covers damage you may cause as a tenant in a property rented for an activity

Liability insurance for building contractors in the construction industry

Construction liability insurance for contractors explained in a nutshell:

A building contractor is a company that undertakes all types of architectural projects. To do so, it employs a wide range of professionals specialised in different areas of construction. From bricklayers to formwork workers, site foremen, plasterers, etc.

The main objective of construction companies is to obtain the maximum profit with the allocated budget. In other words, they try to reduce construction costs so that the profit margin is as high as possible.
There is strong competition in this sector, where often not everything is done as it should be.

At the start of the construction activity, the construction company must always take out separate construction liability insurance, which is compulsory for the construction company and exists independently of the developer’s liability insurance.

The construction liability insurance covers damage caused to a third party or to the worker himself during the performance of the work activity.
It is particularly aimed at construction companies, contractors, architects, engineers and professionals in the sector.


  • The architect is liable for a planning error.
  • The building contractor is liable if he causes damage during the construction work, e.g. to a member of another building contractor’s team.
  • The developer is liable if damage is caused to third parties during the execution of the works.

These functions are sometimes “mixed” because they act in a coordinated manner. For example, the developer subcontracts the construction, so he is liable for damage caused by the developer to his clients, the purchasers.
One way to protect oneself may be to add oneself as an “additional insured” to the developer’s policy.

For this reason, a large part of the industry and also the self-employed opt for comprehensive construction insurance, which covers them in case of negligence and claims.
All of this is regulated in Spain by Law 38/1999 of 5 November 1999 on Building Regulations.

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