Betriebs­haftpflicht­versicherung für Baufirmen in Ibiza, Balearen und Spanien. Zugeschnitten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und an Ihr Bauprojekt angepasst.
Betriebs­haftpflicht­versicherung für Baufirmen in Mallorca, Kanaren und Spanien. Zugeschnitten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und an Ihr Bauprojekt angepasst.

During construction of main buildings and reconstruction works

Interior decoration of buildings

Laying of floors

Fitting and installations

Liability insurance for construction companies

The construction industry is associated with many risks.
Anyone working in this sector is easily exposed to accidents of all kinds or risks causing accidents to third parties themselves.

This is due to the fact that the tasks are carried out on public or private construction sites with greater demands and physical effort, and hazardous materials can be used in the process.

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Who is civil liability insurance for construction companies aimed at?

  • Locksmiths (locks and bolts only)
  • Construction of buildings and urbanisation works
  • Construction of main buildings (new construction) and renovation work
  • Refurbishment of buildings without affecting structural and/or load•bearing elements
  • Interior finishing of buildings: painting, plastering
  • Paving, paving, laying of tiles, laying of plasterboards
  • Laying parquet or synthetic flooring
  • Painters
  • Installation of marble, granite, stone in the interior of buildings (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms)
  • Installation of awnings, lattices and pergolas
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of bathrooms
  • Flooring for warehouses, work in sports and leisure facilities
  • Carpentry work in wood, metal or PVC (doors, windows, shutters, grilles, etc.)



  • Liability insurance
    Covers damage to third parties caused by the structure of the company in the course of its activities.
  • Real estate liability
    Protects the insured person as owner or lessor of the building in which the activity causing the damage takes place.
  • Cross-liability
    This covers the costs incurred by the owner of a building for damage caused by subcontractors involved in the building. The civil liability of the mutual insurance company covers the personal injuries suffered by the employees of the subcontractors or contractors of the insured party who intervene in the same work.
  • Subsidiary civil liability
    Protects the insured person against the damage caused to third parties by the insured person’s own subcontractors or employees.
  • Legal protection and guarantees
    Guarantees legal protection and the provision of the necessary sureties in the event of a claim giving rise to legal proceedings.
  • Employer’s liability insurance
    Covers the liability of the employer or the company for personal injuries suffered by its employees in an accident at work.
  • Tenant’s liability
    Protects the insured from a claim by the owner of the premises for damage caused to the premises by the insured during the rental period.
  • Claims for damages
    Claims for compensation for damage caused by work carried out in connection with the business.
  • Accidental pollution of the environment
    Protection in case of personal injury, material damage and indirect damage caused to third parties due to accidental contamination.
  • Product liability
    Protection for damage to third parties for products manufactured, supplied or delivered, for work performed or services rendered.
  • Damage to employees’ property
    Damage to employees’ personal property.
  • Work outside the insured premises
    Covers the claim for compensation for damage caused to third party premises by the operational activities of the insured.

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